Canonical Innovations - research area 2

Symphonies reframed: the re-discovery of symphonic repertoire through transcription and performance

This project develops new transcriptions in chamber format of 19th century Romantic symphonies. Previous research at NMH, by the project manager, has developed and tested a novel ensemble format, the “Triharmonic ensemble”, in transcriptions of Brahms’ 4th and Schumann’s 2nd symphonies. This chamber musical platform, and the opportunities it offers for interplay, interpretation, rehearsals and performances, will be a starting point for interdisciplinary discussions.

Contact person: Sigstein Folgerø

Romantic Interpretation: discovering, adopting and remaking performance practices of the past

This project uses the modelling of past recordings as a means of generating new musical insights into ensemble performance. The working process involves performative copying of specific historical recordings of Romantic chamber and orchestral repertoire. Using this careful reproductive process as a starting point allows the ensembles to work and grow together in the development of performances that differ from the standard concert offerings of today. The paradox of the project, that freedom is afforded through early processes of faithful replication, is a key area to be explored.

Contact person: Are Sandbakken


Sigstein Folgerø

Are Sandbakken

Are Sandbakken

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