Experimental and Improvised Music - research area 3

Jazz Lab and Godbye Intuition are the two projects under this research area.

Jazz Lab: jazz improvisation in experimental contexts

What can improvising musicians working today in the far Northern corner of Europe learn about themselves by listening to an iconic recording of standard jazz material and then rehearsing it, rewriting it and, in the end, creating new artistic output based on the experience?

This is a question that is explored through the Jazz Lab process, applying it to the recording ‘Duke Ellington at Fargo, 1940 Live’. The project group is composed of top-level musicians/teachers with varied backgrounds: some are self-taught, some have classical training and some have jazz education.

Contact person: Morten Halle

Goodbye Intuition: deliberate disruption of intuitive improvisational practice as a means of research

In ‘Goodbye Intuition’, the researchers use autonomous machines as a counterpart to their own artistic intuition. The project allows such machines to interfere with intuitive processes during improvisatory music-making. The interference from a ‘self-thinking machine’ introduces new pivotal points in the music. It establishes a simultaneously ‘impossible’ and yet artistically compelling dialogue and it challenges our artistic tastes and inclinations. GI shifts the centre of gravity of where a piece of music is initiated. Through this, the project also investigates and challenges the roles of the facilitator (composer/improviser), of his/her music, and of the conventional relationships between these.

Contact person: Ivar Grydeland


Morten Halle


Ivar Grydeland

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