Innovations in curatorial meta-practice - research area 4

In Curatorial Meta-Practice we want to discover modes of presentation that best uncover the essential nature of the musical material and its research problems.

This new project aims to explore a series of questions around the problem of how musical compositions and performances are brought into the public sphere.  The advent of artistic research has problematized the nature of musical presentation by potentially placing research and aesthetic considerations into close proximity to one another, yet in ill-defined and conflicting modes. Curatorial Meta-Practice opens a space in which the researchers may focus upon the means of presentation that best articulate the essential nature of the musical material. In the process, it allows musicians to gain a stronger sense of personal agency in developing their curatorial approaches and languages.

Darla Crispin

Darla M. Crispin

Direktør for Arne Nordheim-senteret
Sist oppdatert: 3. februar 2016