Living Legacy and Archiving - research area 1

This research area has two projects: Arne Nordheim Research and Shellac

Arne Nordheim Research: Preserving, archiving, researching and performing the life and work of Arne Nordheim

NordART works to preserve and foster Arne Nordheim’s legacy, including the gathering, identifying and digitising of resources in collaboration with other archives and libraries.  NMH has been granted access to Arne Nordheim's music notations and library materials from Grotten, Nordheim's permanent residence. The composer's widow, Rannveig Getz, is responsible for archival management of the original manuscripts, but NordART has received permission to research and make copies of the music notations belonging to the estate.

Shellac: online sound and source archive of C20th Norwegian musical performers

The Shellac Project is dedicated to the complete documentation of Norwegian musicians and their recordings from the first half of the 20th century, consisting of biographies, repertoire listings, and discographic data as well as the recordings themselves. This opens up a large and basically untouched research field concerning Norwegian artists, their careers and their interpretations.

Shellac was, of course, an important ingredient in most records from this period, but the project is not limited to any specific sound carrier. A better definition of its scope might be that it encompasses any recordings made without use of magnetic tape; that is to say brief, but “real” sound images, without any possibilities of editing the result.

Contact person: Tore Simonsen


Tore Simonsen

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