AEC and CEMPE Platform for Learning and Teaching in Music Performance Education

LATIMPE (platform for Learning and Teaching in Music Performance Education) is one of seven working groups in the larger project Strenghtening Music in Society (SMS-project). The SMS-project is driven by AEC and supported by the Creative Europe programme. 

The main aim of the LATIMPE working group is: 

To explore and discuss new learning and teaching models enabling institutions for higher music education to educate creative and communicating musicians, by active collaboration between students, teachers, and researchers in all relevant fields of higher music education. 

Our working methods

  • Collect examples of interesting practices and projects aimed at educating creative, reflective and communicating musicians.
  • Analyse these practices, searching for key ingrediens.
  • Host conferences and seminars.
  • Wngage in discussions with partner institutions and organisations concerned with learning and teaching.
  • Display interesting practices and projects on our website,

The working group meet at least twice a year for discussions and planning of new initiatives. 

Upcoming arrangements

  • Working group meeting at CNSMD in Lyon in September 2019.
  • Upcoming anthology on Student involvement and teacher collaboration in October 2019.
  • Learning and Teaching conference in Vienna May 13–14, 2020.

Past arrangements

  • We attended the SMS network meeting in Riga with all the working groups of the SMS project.
  • Together with CEMPE, LATIMPE hosted the conference Becoming Musicians - student involvement and teacher collaboration October 24–26, 2018, at the Norwegian Academy of Music.
  • We participated in the Pop and Jazz Platform Meeting in Trondheim February 15–16, 2019.
  • We participated in the EUA Learning and Teaching Forum in Warsaw February 14–16, 2019.
  • We presented our work at the AEC Annual Congress in Graz November 2018.
  • We had a WG meeting at ESMUC Barcelona in September 2018.
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