Om NordART

Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research (NordART) is a centre for the stimulation and coordination of artistic research activity. The Centre takes its name from Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim in recognition of the open approach to creativity for which he was renowned.

NordART’s activities range from honouring and revivifying the legacy of Norwegian and other music of the past to developing our understanding of musical practices of the present; it supports a broad spectrum of activities, from novel curatorial approaches to established repertoire to presentations of new compositions and free improvisation. NordART works within NMH to stimulate research development via discussion groups and staff development, and disseminates that work through publications in various media, through the running of conferences and symposia and through international networking. Above all, it is dedicated to considering how artistic research work should impact upon music-making in a socially-situated, global context.

In linking evolving artistic research practices with the ethos of personal and professional development that is strong in the Norwegian Academy of Music, NordART aims to make multiple and distinctive contributions in the sphere of music research across the Nordic countries and beyond.

Sist oppdatert: 24. juli 2017