Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Fagbok om musisering

Storsve og Brøske Danielsen vil utvikle en fagbok om musisering, der målgruppen er kulturskole, grunnskole og det frivillige musikkliv.

The textbook takes as its point of departure the co-authors' experiences and thoughts on ensemble training. Vegar Richter Storsve and Brit ågot Brøske Danielsen have extensive experience of music education didactics and curriculum planning. Both have been involved in the development of ensemble oriented music teacher training and internship programmes at the Norwegian Academy of Music, music pedagogy through dance seminars, and the Lebanon Project.

Music Play is understood in a broad sense, including listening, improvisation and composition, dance and movement. The textbook presents an array of ideas and strategies for didactical approaches to music play.