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Sigurd Imsen

I dette prosjektet har Sigurd Imsen studert stilen til den italienske fiolinisten og komponisten Giuseppe Tartini.

In his research of The Tartini Style, Sigurd Imsen has explored the art and craft of the 18th century’s violinists. The study concentrates on the florid and highly personal ornamental style of Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770), a style that was influential well into the 19th century. Imsen has sought to re-implement Tartini’s patterns of embellishments, as well as other stylistic features, as found in the historical material – primarily in Tartini’s obscure treatise of ornamentation. In a recording immanent for release on Lindberg Lyd, Imsen presents a new and fresh interpretation of the famous ‘Devil’s Sonata’, along with other works on baroque violin and Hardanger fiddle.

See also Sigurd's own web pages, with link to his critical reflection.