Negotiating musicianship

The constitution of student subjectivities in and through discursive practices of musicianship in

Live Weider Ellefsen
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In this ethnographic case-study of a Norwegian upper secondary music programme – "Musikklinja" – Live Weider Ellefsen addresses questions of subjectivity, musical learning and discursive power in music educational practices. Applying a conceptual framework based on Foucault's discourse theory and Butler's theory of (gender) performativity, she examines how the young people of Musikklinja achieve legitimate positions of music studenthood in and through Musikklinja practices of musicianship, across a range of sites and activities. In the analyses, Ellefsen shows how musical learners are constituted as they learn, subjecting themselves to and performing themselves along relations of power and knowledge that also work as means of self-understanding and discursive mastery. 

NMH-publikasjoner 2014:10
Sist oppdatert: 16. februar 2017