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Coloquio / Duets

Bildekollasj av Rodrigo Mata, Maren Ballestad, Maren Sofie Nyland, Mar Bonet og Nikolai Heuer

The double bass converses with four other instruments. The concert is a part of the project Soundscapes Around the World.

Calm Vidal Photography, Jan Petter Lehne, Yolanda Monzon


  • Alfred Schnittke (1934–1998): Hymn II, for cello and double bass
  • Håkon Thelin (1976–): Melodía de los Sueños, for french horn and double bass
  • Sofia Gubaidulina (1931–): In Croce, for accordion and double bass
  • Krzysztof Penderecki (1933–2020): Duo concertante, for violin and double bass


  • Mar Bonet (cello)
  • Nikolai Heuer (french horn)
  • Maren Sofie Nyland (accordion)
  • Maren Ballestad (violin)
  • Rodrigo Mata (double bass)


Coloquio is the second one in the series of concerts that are part of the project Soundscapes around the world, which consists on carrying out a thorough exploration of written repertoire for double bass in the 20th and 21st century by composers from different parts of the world. These compositions should take advantage of different stylistic angles and different instrumental roles of the double bass. In this second concert, different characters participate to make duet with the double bass player, it will include works for four duos with different instruments, violin, cello, accordion and french horn respectively. In this concert, and in the process of preparing it, the aim is to explore in detail the sound spectrum of colours that can arise through the combination of instruments and the magic that can occur due to the mixing of the energy of two musicians on stage. The title of this concert is directly related to the inclusion of chamber music in the program, since the literal meaning of the word colloquium is: conversation between two or more people. In this case, we will refer to the musicians.