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Accessibility Statement for

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) strives to provide an optimal website for all people, regardless of abilities.

This statement does not include our subdomains.

17 February 2021: Current status

  • Accessibility score: 65,3 out of 100 points.
  • Progress: 94 problems solved, 6 problems remain.
  • Source: Siteimprove.

What remains?

Two A issues on all pages

  • The form is missing a button.
  • An input field lacks a description.

One AA issue on 39 pages

  • Insufficient colour contrast.

Two AAA issues on all pages

  • Headings are not correctly structured.
  • Insufficient colour contrast.

Two AAA issues on 500 to 1000 pages

  • The same hypertext is being used for different landing pages.
  • A heading needs content.

One AAA issue on six pages

  • Generic hypertext.

Accessibility and the Academy

Feedback on accessibility

Is there something that is not working correctly, or do you find the language difficult to understand? Is there anything that inhibits functionality or keeps content out of reach?

Please e-mail us at