Events & Concerts

The Events Calendar is currently only available in Norwegian.

For specific event information, please refer to the Norwegian Event Calendar or contact Concert Info at the Academy.

Concert Activity

More than 300 concerts are given each year at the Norwegian Academy of Music. This is the highest concert production of any concert hall and music venue in Oslo. Many Academy concerts are also organized in collaboration with local organizations and partners in Oslo and the surrounding area.

Check out upcoming events in the calendar and experience our students, staff and international guests in concerts and masterclasses!

Conferences & Seminars

The Norwegian Academy of Music is a leader in research and artistic development work in the fields of Music Performance, Composition, Improvisation, Music Education, Music Technology, Music Therapy, and Music Theory.

Our academic community hosts a number of local and international conferences and seminars for scholars, students, music professionals and the public.



Last updated: 11. April 2016