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Inter­na­tion­al Activ­it­ies

The Norwegian Academy of Music passed a new strategy for international activity in 2017.

International Activity 2018–2025

International activity is increasing at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH). This document states priorities and goals for the internationalisation process until 2025.

Goals and Ambitions

Elaboration of our main goal and ambitions

The main goal for internationalisation is to contribute to quality development in education and research.

By 2025, we aim to have created an international education and research environment that is inspired by institutions of culture and education all over the world. Our students will face international working environments both when applying for work in Norway and abroad. It is our goal that NMH students will become leading agents on the international work market, as well as in Norway.

It will be necessary for students to seek employment in the rest of Europe and globally. The education provided at NMH must be of the highest quality so that our candidates can compete in an international market. To meet international standards we must recruit our teachers both nationally and internationally. Research must also meet international standards for each discipline.


The main goals and ambitions in this strategy will contribute to achieve some of the principal aims of the Academy’s overall strategy Engaged and engaging, and the white paper Quality Culture in Higher Education from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.


Published: May 20, 2020 — Last updated: Jan 26, 2024