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About the Norwegian Academy of Music

The Academy’s mission is to provide musical education of the highest standard so that our students may achieve their fullest potential. As a student at the Academy, your own artistic ambitions, development and autonomy are the driving forces behind everything you do in your studies.


Located in the bustling borough of Majorstua in Oslo, the Norwegian Academy of Music occupies two modern purpose-built houses with three concert halls, state-of-the-art recording studios, Norway’s largest academic music library, and a sizable collection of historical musical instruments. Our well-equipped teaching and practice studios, rehearsal and lecture rooms, and research laboratories provide optimal arenas for creative and musical development for students and faculty. With more than 400 concerts each year, both in-house and at other city venues, the Academy is one of Scandinavia's largest concert organisers.

Diversity at the Norwegian Academy of Music is about recognizing and making space for a broad spectrum of human, musical, social and cultural expressions, backgrounds, competencies and perspectives. Such diversity arises naturally out of inclusive and non-discriminatory communities. Therefore, the Norwegian Academy of Music wishes to promote this type of community, where people can meet, work, create and reside in safety.

Diversity Declaration of the Norwegian Academy of Music

Studying at the Academy

If you’re dreaming of a life-long music career, the Academy can provide you with the skills you’ll need in an ever-changing profession. We offer various opportunities to develop your talent and achieve your ambitions, whether in music performance, composition, conducting, research, pedagogy, music therapy, church music or piano tuning. Our Bachelor, Master's, and PhD degree programmes encompass a range of specialisations within performance and theoretical disciplines. We also offer a large number of continuing education opportunities, whether you’re seeking career advancement or the fulfilment of a desire to deepen your knowledge and evolve your skills.

Over the years, thousands of successful music workers have completed their pre-professional training here. Through our programmes, we aim to nourish talent and to inspire and enrich musical culture in our communities and beyond.

Faculty and teaching excellence

The Academy employs leading musicians, pedagogues and researchers to guide our students through their studies. Many of our illustrious professors combine teaching with highly successful performance careers. We believe that by connecting our students with renowned music milieus through their instructors, we are bridging the gaps between training and professionalism and nurturing artistic and generational exchange. Quality and diversity are always top priorities. We make sure that our faculty represent a broad range of disciplines, genres, pedagogical and artistic approaches that our students may draw knowledge from and enjoy. Our four research centres produce new knowledge, collaborate with international networks, and ensure that our departments and faculty keep up-to-date with innovation and developments within their fields.

Our history

As you walk through the main entrance of the Academy, the first you'll see is the entrance to the Lindeman Hall – our flagship 365-seat concert venue – named after the Lindeman family. In 1883, this family founded a school for organists, which would soon expand to become the Oslo Conservatoire (Musikkonservatoriet i Oslo). In 1973, the Conservatoire laid the foundation for the newly established Norwegian Academy of Music.

The legacy of the Lindeman family is preserved within our modern academy. However, we have greatly expanded in the last several decades to provide classical music education and a broad range of music education opportunities for talented musicians, composers, conductors, music therapists, and pedagogues. Today, the Norwegian Academy of Music is a specialised university institution of international renown, with more than 750 students specialising in various musical disciplines.


Members of the Management at the Norwegian Academy of Music are the Heads of Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff.

Academy Management

The Principal and Deputy Principal are elected by students and staff for a four year term. Our current management, 2021–2025:

Published: Mar 12, 2020 — Last updated: Mar 22, 2023