Research and Artistic Innovation

The Norwegian Academy of Music is a national leader in music research, artistic development work, and studies for the advancement of music education.

NMH employs Norway's leading specialists in Music Performance, Composition, Improvisation, Music Education, Music Technology, Music Therapy, and Music Theory. As a university college of Art and Science, an important part of our mission is to conduct primary research and to offer research education in Music and the PhD progamme areas.

The Academy runs projects and activities through 4 research centres and focus areas:

Independent research and artistic development work, initiated and maintained by individuals in our research staff, is an important part of our academic community.

Research and Development Focus Areas


Our research teams frequently produce concerts and music events in the Academy's concert halls, in addition to writing and contributing their research through traditional scholarly and scientific publications.

Artistic Development and Research-Based Teaching

Our students benefit from their instructors' research work through teaching methods and musicianship founded on artistic development work and scientific research findings. Access to this knowledge resource - the opportunity for explanation and reflection in teaching situations about the "context and development" of music - contributes to our students’ understanding of performance in a larger and more meaningful perspective.


Last updated: 11. June 2014