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Our Con­cert Halls

Lindeman Hall, Levin Hall, Sandvold Hall – we have excellent venues at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Lindeman Hall

Lindeman Hall is the main concert hall of the Academy. It was named for the family who founded the organ school that would later become the Norwegian Academy of Music. The hall has 365 seats in an amphitheatre layout, and a stage designed to accommodate a full symphony orchestra and choir. The hall also holds the school’s largest organ.

Custom-made resonance chambers

Most concerts with large ensembles are held in Lindeman Hall. The hall was constructed with acoustic music in mind: it has a high ceiling, and the walls are far apart, so there is plenty of room for sound. Less obvious, but all the more audible, is that the hall has custom-made resonance chambers that are hidden under the stage floor. These have been adapted for each group of instruments, and are placed strategically to give the orchestra optimal acoustic enhancement. When the ceiling hatches are open, and wall tapestries are hung, Lindeman Hall is also suitable for amplified music.

An enjoyable combination

If you want to get closer to the audience, the hall can be changed into an intimate venue by closing the amphitheatre and seating the audience down on the stage with the musicians. This solution is especially suited to smaller ensembles, or to music that needs a more intimate atmosphere. Lindeman Hall is used like this for jazz and folk music concerts, and for classical solo and chamber music concerts – and sometimes for an enjoyable combination.

Lindeman Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and lighting installations, as well as a projector and roll-up screen for use in instruction or conferences and seminars. A variety of activities can take place here, from one-to-one organ lessons to large orchestra concerts to lectures featuring local and international figures in front of a full house.


Levin Hall is named after the first principal of the Academy, Professor Robert Levin. The hall has 120 seats and its furnishings can be adapted to suit the event. For this reason, it is used for all kinds of music and activities.

Levin Hall has excellent acoustics and is especially well suited to quiet instruments and small ensembles. Like Lindeman Hall, Levin Hall is also equipped with state-of-the-art audio and lighting installations, but it is perhaps primarily chamber music that is heard most often here.

Other halls

Sandvold Hall

Sandvold Hall is our hidden treasure. You can find the hall by following the signs at the Academy.


We hold several of our academic events in the Academy's Auditorium. Follow the signs you see around the building to find your way to absorbing discussions and new insights!

Prism Hall

On the third floor, you can find an intimate stage featuring beautiful art and large windows.


Please note that CCTV monitors the stages in Levin Hall and Lindeman Hall. Selected employees and event hosts operate the camera during rehearsals and concerts and when planning events.

Published: Apr 20, 2020 — Last updated: Feb 27, 2024