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Ding-dong: Ludwig van – installation


Play or sing your own version. There are no rules! The installation stays from the beginning of the festival and thoughout the whole event.

Tor E. Leitrø, Tanja Orning

For the celebrations of Beethoven's 200-year anniversary, Kagel produced a score like no other: close-up photographies of a room in which everything was plastered over with photocopies from Beethoven scores, with some almost unreadable sheets. At NMH, we have made our own Beethoven installation inspired by Kagel. Travel into the collage and improvise your own interpretation of Beethoven.

Through Ludwig van, we invite audiences, students and employees to engage artistically in questions regarding power, the development of our musical tradition and historical figures like Beethoven.


  • InterC, the contemporary music class at NMH
  • Anders Førisdal, Associate Professor and researcher in performance practice at NMH
  • Luk Vaes, researcher in performance practice at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent

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Published: Feb 16, 2024 — Last updated: Apr 3, 2024