Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Ishindenshin – 2

Nature, sound, body, improvisation, meditation.



  • Seshen (vocal and movement)
  • Ben Gerstein (trombone)


Wind through bamboo, body of tree bending harmonics in the quiet forest, bird in the distance, slow ancient footsteps on the earth, a branch snapping,..... Through instant composition, two musicians are weaving the music beyond categories and styles, delivering the whispers of nature.

Seshen (vocals, movement)

A vocalist and dancer from Japan, living in Oslo, Norway, performing and teaching internationally. Interpreting the voice of nature in her musical and physical expressions is her artistic goal. She continues her artistic research, how to integrate holistic perspectives of ancient art into the art of today, through practices in nature, indigenous traditions, ancient cosmology and her Japanese ancestral roots into her art.

Ben Gerstein (trombone)

Born in 1977 and raised in Santa Barbara, California, trombonist Ben Gerstein has lived in New York City since 1995. Over the years he has developed many collaborations and projects devoted to improvisation as means of total performance, meditation, composition, and integration with nature and the arts, as well as numerous multi-instrumental works, mixed-media practices, and recreations of pieces by classical and contemporary composers.

Published: Aug 14, 2020 — Last updated: Aug 14, 2020