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Level Soil

Singer-songwriter Haley Justine Grønvold-Perkins plays her master concert with original pop songs in different languages, each representing one of six countries and languages.

Level Soil examines the phenomenon of "musical cultural appropriation" and how to handle it as musicians and artists through songwriting, composing and auto-ethnographic techniques.


Haley Justine G. Perkins

  • Hana to kugi (text from Japanese proverbs)
  • Zwei Bäume (text: Hannah Arendt)
  • Ástarkaka (text: Berglindi Hreiðarsdóttur)
  • Baba/Pappa (text: H. J. G. Perkins)
  • Amani na uhuru (a.n.u.), (text from Kenya's national anthem, "Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu" and The Lord's Prayer in Swahili, "Baba Yetu"
  • Jeg så regn falle (text: H. J. G. Perkins)
  • Meci bon dieu (different texts by Frantz Casseus and Oswald Durand)


  • Tevje Fjugstad Flaate (guitar)
  • Konstantin Helmers (guitar, violin)
  • Matias Christoffersen (piano, synth)
  • Joachim Mørch Meyer (bass)
  • Tobias Rønnevig (drums)
  • Odin Eide (vibraphone)
  • Marcelina Dąbek (harp)
  • Brage Botn Seim (cello)
  • Vera Sonne (voice)
  • Aagot Wilse (voice, guitar)


  • Lexi Raven (choreography)
  • Maia Jensen Moy, Lexi Raven (dancers)

Published: May 22, 2023 — Last updated: Jun 5, 2023