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Music x Colour

Music and Color is a project that explores the artistic possibility of translating songs and musical patterns into a form of visual art.

Cloi Sugano

Through a creative collaboration with a visual artist, both the musician and the artist will challenge the possibility of perceiving music in a multi-sensory experience.


  • Claude Debussy (18621918): Ariettes Oubliées
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos (18871959): Melodia Sentimental
  • Igor Stravinskij (18821971): No Word From Tom
  • Francisco Santiago (18891947): Pakiusap
  • José Estella (18701943): Ang Maya
  • Nicanor Abelardo (18931934): Mutya ng Pasig


  • Cloi Sugano (voice)
  • Matti Hirvonen (piano)

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Published: Oct 21, 2022 — Last updated: Nov 16, 2022