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Nino Mateo Lou Baleyte (drums): Abîmes

Drummer Nino Mateo Lou Baleyte plays his examination concert, Abîmes.


  • Nino Mateo Lou Baleyte (drums)
  • Sigrid Aftret (tenor saxophone og flute)
  • Sol Léna Schroll (alto saxophone)
  • Åsmund Waage (vibraphone)
  • Joel Ring (cello)


Abîmes is the result of a long-running process of writing (electroacoustic and acoustic music) for a dream team band.

Abîmes is some of the deepest and kindest souls I've got to meet in Oslo.

Abîmes is a friendship melting on the tong, well-aged, like the best cheese we can get in France.

Abîmes is a trial to give a grasp of the deep and complex experience I went through during five years of travel and encounters far from "home".

Abîmes is a testimony of all the significant meetings that shaped me, an hommage to all the persons that count – may they be ghosts, lost shadows of friendships or long gone lovers – to the words that have been said and keep hangin' there, to the moments that have been lived and changed a life.

Abîmes would have never existed without all those fragments put together, special thanks and warm thought to Thierry, the sine qua non-condition to all of this.

Published: May 22, 2023 — Last updated: May 24, 2023