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Rugle (sold out)

Rugle is a recently established ensemble. During the autumn 2021 they have worked with young composers, resulting in three new works.

Fartein Ringet

The members of Rugle found each other through a wish to co-operate about creating something and a curiosity for new music. At this concert, you will hear "Koral" by Anders Krøger – a nostalgic and retrospective piece. Guoste Tamulynaite has written the piece "Mano rankos", meaning "My hands" in Lithuanian. The work is an illustration of mixed emotions. Hermod Bentsen's piece, "Roigli", is dominated by proactive rhythms, breaks and asymmetry.



  • Linn Marie Haram (flute)
  • Kathrine Kirkeng Oseid (saxophone)
  • Ane Elise Lassen (double bass)
  • Åsmund Moen (percussion)
  • Hermod Bentsen (composer, piano)

Published: Dec 8, 2021 — Last updated: Jan 17, 2022