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Zosha Warpeha (Hardanger fiddle)

Hardanger fiddler, vocalist and composer Zosha Warpeha plays her master concert.

Jonathan Kaiser


Zosha Warpeha is a violinist, vocalist, and composer professionally based in New York City and completing her master’s studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. As a solo artist, she draws inspiration from folk traditions and contemporary music and inhabits a meditative space between genres, exploring transformations of time, melody, and tonality through long-form acoustic performances. In this concert, Warpeha will present a collection of solo improvisations and vignettes performed on Hardanger fiddle, Hardanger d’amore, and voice. This performance is the culmination of a two-year artistic study, during which she has cultivated a highly personal approach to solo performance that synthesises traditional Nordic music and contemporary improvisation.

Published: Apr 28, 2021 — Last updated: Jun 8, 2021