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Choir Concert: Bach Motets + Spirituals

The Vocal Ensemble of the Academy performs under the instruction of the students of choir conducting.


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

  • Lobet den Herrn
  • Fürchte dich nicht
  • Der Geist hilft
  • Singet dem Herrn

Dieter Schnebel (1930–2018)

Contrapunctus 1

Moses Hogan (1957–2003)

The Battle of Jericho

Harry Burleigh (1866–1949)

Deep River

Wallis Willis (ca. 1820–1860)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


  • The Academy's vocal ensemble
  • Students of Choir Conducting
  • TBA (cello)
  • TBA (organ)

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Published: Jun 14, 2022 — Last updated: Nov 14, 2022