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Ding-dong: Concert, Presentation and Film


Film about exclusion in music, gain a new understanding of music through performance analysis, and listen to an experimental reinterpretation of acclaimed music.

Thor E. Leitrø, Andreas Kleiberg, Tanja Orning, NMH


The Microtone – a film about exclusion i musikk

Created in collaboration between pianist Sanae Yoshida, PhD fellow in artistic research at NMH, Eliot Moleba, PhD fellow in artistic research at KHiO, Audun Nedrelid, animator, and Eivind Buene, composer and professor at NMH.

Music: Time or Space? An introduction to performance analysis

Concert lecture with Erlend Hovland, professor and researcher in performance practice at NMH, and Lukas Krefting Hovland, cellist and NMH student.

Konsertforedrag med Erlend Hovland, professor og forsker i oppføringspraksis ved NMH og Lukas Krefting Hovland, cello, student ved NMH.

Mauricio Kagel (1931–2008): Ludwig van (1970) with InterC (the contemporary music class at NMH)

For the celebrations of Beethoven's 200-year anniversary, Kagel produced a score like no other: close-up photographs of a room in which everything was plastered over with photocopies from Beethoven scores. The way in which to perform such a score entailed improvising with what is in the photographs, but Kagel himself performed it in ways that often deviated considerably, but always imaginatively, from his own instructions.

For this event in Oslo, three versions of the "piece" are presented: An imaginary composition based on music by Beethoven, an environment in which passers-by can improvise with the music that is all around them, and an installation in which Kagel's Ludwig van meets Cage's 4:33.


  • Lukas Krefting Hovland (cello)
  • Mathias Næsguthe Remåd, Marco Slaviero (guitar)
  • Astrid Jenssen Solstad (saxophone)
  • Oline Grimstad (flute)
  • Revaz Abramia, Yun-Han Hung, Liudmila Savchenko (piano)
  • Noel Rubli (accordion)
  • Madara Mezale (clarinet)
  • Judith Geertrui Anne Soumillion, Evelien Vaneysendeyk (harp)
  • Jonas Evenstad (percussion)
  • Michael McCormick (electric guitar)
  • Amadea Donaji Herrera Reksterberg (soprano)
  • Sarah-Jane Summers (violin)

Published: Feb 16, 2024 — Last updated: Mar 14, 2024