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Intermediate Spaces

Goat horn, improvisation, synthesisers, Iceland and the forest – as always, the NoCom students present a unique concert.

Alex Ventling

NoCom (Nordic Master - The Composing Musician) is a Master’s programme where the students focus on both composition and performance, irrespective of genre. Through the 4 semesters, we move between the 3 cooperating institutions: Norges Musikkhøgskole (Oslo, Norway), Högskolan För Scen Och Musik (Gothenburg, Sweden) & Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (Copenhagen, Denmark). We invite you to our semester finale, a triple bill concert with the NOCOM students now based in Oslo at the Norwegian Academy of Music.


Connecting Immersion

«Connecting Immersion» is a project with performers communicating across 3 different art forms: improvised and electronic music, dance and visuals. The 4 performers are continuously searching for new ways to interact with each other, and amongst an audience, through collective improvisation with inspiration following each moment. What might unfold combining goat horn with electronics, visuals blending into the sound of the synthesiser, or when dance reacts to the sound of silence? The experience is always unique for both audience and performers, where the power of the "unrecreatable" emerges.

  • Adrian Barstad Andresen (trumpet, flugelhorn, goat horn and electronics)
  • Alex Ventling (prepared piano and synthesisers)
  • Enya Maria Oshaug Weibell (dance)
  • Visuals (TBA)

Matthías Sigurðsson

Matthías draws from his roots as a classical clarinet player, improviser and electronic musician from the near boundaryless musical landscape of Iceland. You are invited into his bright, pulsating multiverse, to let shimmering winds wash over you like a warm bath, obsessive repetitions take your hand and guide you through melancholia and nostalgia for a time we never lived. Matthias and his collaborators merge their voices and traditions to open up a sacred, shared space where we can seek solace through immersing in sound together.

Darkthrone Forest Oslo Edition

The Forest as a safe haven or a really dangerous place and everything in between. The importance of the forest for us as individuals and for the entire world. How does this sound? Come and hear for yourself when we enter the Darkthrone Forest. At your own risk, we welcome you.

  • Johan Björklund (drums and electronics)
  • Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson (clarinet and electronics)
  • Adrian Barstad Andresen (trumpet and goat horn)
  • Paul Schreiter (guitar)

Published: Oct 21, 2021 — Last updated: Oct 22, 2021