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Lars Espen Rosness (piano)

A dark palm against a light background.

Pianist Lars Espen Rosness' master concert is about the experience of his condition, dystonia.

Emanuele Longo via/Flickr

– I will give a short lecture-recital about my dystonia and rehabilitation as a final event for my master's degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

I will speak and play about my dystonia experience. According to some really cool people, my talk and information are very important to everyone in the music field. So bring your friends and family for a peek inside the world of dystonic movement disorders and how to avoid it.

I would advise everyone to read through the three blog posts I have written prior to the lecture. There is a lot of important background information which will not be addressed at the event.

Lars Espen Rosness

Published: Aug 14, 2020 — Last updated: Aug 14, 2020