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Norway's oldest ensemble meets Norway's newest composers

An ensemble with a very rich history will meet brand new composers at this concert.

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble dates back to 1734 and is one of the oldest orchestras in Norway. As the oldest cultural institution of any kind with an unbroken history, the Ensemble is an important part of Norwegian cultural history. The Ensemble consists of 24 musicians playing within different music styles. It is based in Halden, a town south of Oslo, and produces and performs around 120 concerts every year.

At this concert they meet six students from the composition department at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Through six pieces, composers and musicians will explore how a wind ensemble can sound in 2022. The new works will be performed in the Levin Hall, under the direction of conductor Kai Grinde Myrann.


  • Olivia Køppe Christoffersen: I am made and remade…
  • Torbjørn Haaland: Waterdrops
  • Ida Grande Kaurin: marigold
  • Magnus Hexeberg: V.I.V.I.D
  • Martin Korssletten: Tainted Ruins
  • Anna Berg: Synchondrae

Published: Dec 8, 2021 — Last updated: Jan 26, 2022