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New Electronic Music – Robert Seaback

This concert features electroacoustic music composed for Robert Seaback’s PhD Project in Artistic Research, “The Semiotics of Presence.”

Steph Denardo


An underlying aesthetic concern for this research is how the embodied aspects of sound making and listening function as sites of meaning distinct from symbolic or language-based modes of meaning formation.

The compositions on this program integrate voices, instruments, soundscapes, and synthetic sound sources through digital techniques, traversing corporeal energy, cross-sensory expressivity, and digital stasis. They will be presented via an immersive 2-D loudspeaker configuration in high order ambisonic format.


Robert Seaback

  • stasis, self-present (2023), real-time synthesis
  • Skin and Siren (2022), high order ambisonics
  • Lightness in Transit (2021–22), high order ambisonics

The Semiotics of Presence

The Semiotics of Presence investigates how the material dimensions of sound can be creatively reconfigured through processes of digital abstraction and subsequent re-embodiment.

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Published: Dec 18, 2022 — Last updated: Feb 22, 2023