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Sol Léna-Schroll & Clément Merienne

Jazz saxophone player Sol Léna-Schroll plays his master concert together with Clément Merienne, Hector Léna-Schroll and Emilian Ducret.

Hou Seen, Jess Withman, Matthieu Barjolin og Maxime de Bollivier

This project was initiated by Sol Léna-Schroll and Clément Merienne.

Deeply inspired by the music of Benoît Delbecq, Eve Risser and Christian Wallumrød, their music is a mix between improvisation and composition, of entangled rhythms and drones, giving the listener the sensation of entering an unsettling, yet oddly familiar sonic world.

This new project mixes both acoustic and electronic music through a modular synthesiser combined with prepared piano, augmented trumpet, and bass synth. The music revolves around rhythmic cycles, from which structures, harmony and sound derive.

For this purpose, they brought together the French musicians Hector Léna-Schroll (trumpet) and Emilian Ducret (drums). All four share the same approach to improvisation and composition, as well as great freedom and detachment on complex rhythmic music.


  • Sol Léna-Schroll (saxophone)
  • Clément Merienne (piano)
  • Emilian Ducret (drums)
  • Hector Léna-Schroll (trumpet)

Published: Jul 6, 2021 — Last updated: Oct 8, 2021