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Stette Collective

Stette Collective, a jazz ensemble consisting of 16 musicians, is preparing to welcome anyone who will listen to Mellomtiden – a world where time fades away, dreams come true, and charlatans dance.

Sivert Stette has composed his second concert for this ensemble, named “Mellomtiden II”.


Stette Collective

  • Eira Elise Øverås and Markus Dyrud (trumpet)
  • Maja Källström and Sivert Svendsen Stette (saxophones)
  • Inga Vamze (tenor saxophone)
  • Ester Aasland (bass clarinet)
  • Guro Kitterød, Victor Middleton and Jens Koppang (trombone)
  • Simon Mørland (tuba)
  • Åsmund Skjeldal Waage (vibraphone)
  • Ingrid Matilde Mæland (piano, violin)
  • Oskar Walter Andersen (accordion)
  • Nichlas Gordon Sørum Sim (double bass)
  • Aleksander Helland-Olsen and Henning Lillehaug (drums)

Published: Dec 19, 2022 — Last updated: Mar 8, 2023