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Erik Stenstadvold


Piano, Accompaniment, Guitar and Accordion Department


  • Long or short? The appoggiatura in the early 19th-century guitar tradition, with special reference to the music of Fernando Sor Erik Stenstadvold 2018
  • Sor's Appogiaturas: Long or short? Erik Stenstadvold 2017
  • A Newly Discovered Letter of 1827 by Fernando Sor Erik Stenstadvold 2017
  • Mariano Castro de Gistau (d 1856) and the Vogue for the Spanish Guitar in Nineteenth-Century Britain Erik Stenstadvold 2017
  • An unknown pupil of Fernando Sor: the life and career of Mariano Castro Erik Stenstadvold 2016
  • Why did Sor leave London? New light on his activities in 1822-23. Erik Stenstadvold 2015
  • Fernando Sor on the Move in the Early 1820s Erik Stenstadvold 2015
  • "Why did Sor leave London?" Erik Stenstadvold 2014
  • "Ornamentation in Sor’s music: notation, interpretation, improvisation" Erik Stenstadvold 2014
  • The struggle for recognition – the guitar and the prejudices of the musical establishment in the 19th century Erik Stenstadvold 2013
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