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Felicity Anne Baker

Pro­fess­or II

Music Education and Music Therapy Department


  • Learning to use music as a resource: the experiences of people with dementia and their family care partners participating in a home-based skill-sharing music intervention: a HOMESIDE sub-study Kate McMahon ,  Katrina McFerran ,  Imogen N. Clark ,  Helen Odell-Miller ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Jeanette Tamplin ,  Felicity Baker 2023
  • Content development and validation for a mobile application designed to train family caregivers in the use of music to support care of people living with dementia Zara Thompson ,  Jeanette Tamplin ,  Tanara Vieira Sousa ,  Romina Carrasco ,  Libby Flynn ,  Karen E. Lamb ,  Amit Lampit ,  Nicola T. Lautenschlager ,  Kate McMahon ,  Jenny Waycott ,  Adam P. Vogel ,  Robyn Woodward-Kron ,  Phoebe A. Stretton-Smith ,  Felicity Baker 2023
  • Content Validity and Inter-rater Reliability of the Music Interventions in Pediatric DoC Behavior Observation Record Janeen Bower ,  Wendy L. Magee ,  Cathy Catroppa ,  Felicity Baker 2023
  • Live and recorded music interventions for management of delirium symptoms in acute geriatric patients: Protocol for a randomized feasibility trial Jelena Golubovic ,  Felicity Baker ,  Melanie Rae Simpson ,  Bjørn Erik Neerland 2023
  • Statistical analysis plan for HOMESIDE: a randomised controlled trial for home-based family caregiver-delivered music and reading interventions for people living with dementia Vanessa Pac Soo ,  Felicity Baker ,  Tanara Vieira Sousa ,  Helen Odell Miller ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Thomas Wosch ,  Anna Bukowska ,  Jeanette Tamplin ,  Nicola Lautenschlager ,  Sabine Braat ,  Karen Lamb 2023
  • Training formal caregivers in the use of live music interventions during personal care with persons living with dementia: a systematic mixed studies review Karyn Stuart-Röhm ,  Felicity Baker ,  Imogen Clark 2023
  • Recruitment approaches and profiles of consenting family caregivers and people living with dementia: A recruitment study within a trial Felicity Baker ,  Laura Blauth ,  Jodie Bloska ,  Anna Bukowska ,  Libby Flynn ,  Ming H Hsu ,  Edyta Janus ,  Kjersti Johansson ,  Helen Odell Miller ,  Carina Petrowitz ,  Jonathan Pool ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Jeanette Tamplin ,  Kate Teggelove ,  Thomas Wosch ,  Tanara Vieira Sousa 2023
  • The HOMESIDE Music Intervention: A Training Protocol for Family Carers of People Living with Dementia. Helen Odell Miller ,  Laura Blauth ,  Jodie Bloska ,  Anna Bukowska ,  Imogen, N. Clark ,  Sarah A. Crabtree ,  Runa Bosnes Engen ,  Solgunn Knardal ,  Tone Sæther Kvamme ,  Kate McMahon ,  Carina Petrowitz ,  Agnieszka Smrokowska-Reichmann ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Jeanette Tamplin ,  Thomas Wosch ,  Nina Wollersberger ,  Felicity Baker 2022
  • Influential factors of spousal relationship quality in couples living with dementia – A narrative synthesis systematic review Kristi Stedje ,  Tone Sæther Kvamme ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Kjersti Johansson ,  Helen Odell-Miller ,  Anna Bukowska ,  Thomas Wosch ,  Jeanette Tamplin ,  Felicity Baker 2022
  • Exploring Shared Musical Experiences in Dementia Care: A Worked Example of a Qualitative Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis Kate McMahon ,  Imogen N. Clark ,  Karette Stensæth ,  Helen Odell-Miller ,  Thomas Wosch ,  Anna Bukowska ,  Felicity Baker 2022
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