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Geir Johansen


Music Education and Music Therapy Department


  • The Conservatoire and the Society Geir Johansen 2021
  • The Routledge handbook to sociology of music education Ruth Wright ,  Geir Johansen ,  Panagiotis Kanellopoulos ,  Patrick Schmidt 2021
  • Assessment and the dilemmas of a multi-ideological curriculum: The case of Norway Sidsel Karlsen ,  Geir Johansen 2019
  • Key concepts from the sociology of music education (Symposium on The Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Music Education) Ruth Wright ,  Geir Johansen ,  Pamela Burnard ,  Petter Dyndahl ,  Martin Fautley ,  Olcay Muslu Gardner ,  Juliet Hess ,  Jennifer W. Lang ,  Gwen Moore ,  Siw Graabræk Nielsen ,  Tom Parkinson ,  Philpott Chris ,  Dan Sagiv ,  Gary Spruce ,  Johan Söderman ,  Kari Veblen ,  Janice Waldron ,  Susan Young ,  Garth Stahl 2019
  • The Conservatoire in the Society Geir Johansen 2017
  • Music talents, where do they come from – and why? Parent characteristics and rationales in a music talent program within general school Geir Johansen 2017
  • The Conservatoire and the Society Geir Johansen 2017
  • Music, society, education: Christopher Small revisited Geir Johansen ,  Chris Philpott ,  Ruth Wright 2017
  • Response to the panel "Navigating assessment: The unending—and unnervingly narrow terrain". Geir Johansen 2017
  • Music-Society-Education. Some relational presepctives Geir Johansen 2017
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