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Laura Gorbe

Asso­ci­ate Pro­fess­or

Composition, Music Theory and Music Technology Department


  • “Aural Skills” as a Musical Experience: Developing Tools and Exercises Generating Musicianship Skills Laura Gorbe-Ferrer ,  Pilar Gorbe-Ferrer 2023
  • Music Awareness. A practical approach to music Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2023
  • “Ear training” at the entrance exams in Spain: Description of the content and skills implicitly addressed. Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2023
  • Origins and evolution of Aural Skills in Spain: A journey through the primary sources of the XIX and XX centuries Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2023
  • Developing specific content (Perfect 4th interval) through experiences. A journey towards action Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2023
  • Las pruebas de acceso en la enseñanza superior en Noruega. Primeros pasos hacia una revisión sistemática Laura Gorbe-Ferrer ,  Maria Medby Tollefsen ,  Esa Olavi Lilja 2023
  • The entrance exams for higher music education in Norway - a project in four stages Maria Medby Tollefsen ,  Laura Gorbe-Ferrer ,  Esa Olavi Lilja 2023
  • Opptaksprøven i teori og gehør i høyere musikkutdanning - et prosjekt i fire stadier Maria Medby Tollefsen ,  Esa Lilja ,  Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2023
  • Audición crítica en acción: Propuesta y metodología Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2022
  • Musicianship’s skills: a hands-on approach Laura Gorbe-Ferrer 2022
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