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Call for Papers – Contemporary Higher Music Education

Illustration by Espen Friberg.

How can higher music education be in touch with society and the music industry in fruitful ways? How can we influence our communities, and how can we prepare students to contribute to society in meaningful ways?

We will address these and similar questions at CEMPE's fourth National Seminar. In collaboration with NTNU, we invite you to join us in Trondheim in February 2022.

Higher music education stands in a split between carrying on a century-long tradition and craft, while at the same time stimulating creativity and innovation that is needed in order to educate artists for the future. How do we meet these challenges? In what ways are creativity nurtured during performance studies? Do our students experience that their education prepares them for establishing and continuing sustainable lives as working musicians?

In the last few years, ongoing debates in society on power, equality and diversity have been taken up by art education, challenging the old hierarchies and posing critical questions on for example the taken-for-granted assumptions of repertoire. We welcome these debates, that both inspire and challenge the leaders of our institutions to think ahead. How can we make our institutions more diverse, in terms of people, repertoire, ways of working, curriculum and career paths?

We now invite instructors, students and researchers to submit their contributions to the seminar.

Topics of interest

  • Working lives of musicians

  • Entrepreneurship and creativity in higher music education

  • Diversity in higher music education

  • Music and art as ways of contributing to ongoing debates

  • projects building points of contact between society and our institutions

  • Cross-disciplinary projects.

How to submit

Link to the submission form (

Your submission should include

  • a summary of your project, including how it links to the topics of the seminar (around 350 words)
  • a short CV of the speakers (around 80–100 words)
  • format of the presentation

More information

When the programme is ready, it will be published on the Seminar Webpage.

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