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First gathering on Norwegian soil

European collaboration on music education and research - Press Release 14. June 2024.

The Norwegian Academy of Music and seven other institutions are granted 8.6 million euros from the EU to establish the first university alliance in music, IN.TUNE. Now students and leaders will meet in Oslo.

Innovation, collaboration, and technology

The aim of IN.TUNE is to develop comprehensive and innovative collaboration between institutions over the next four years. The alliance will also improve the sharing culture in the networks for education, research, and dissemination within music. Increased collaboration is becoming increasingly important to showcase the value of music, meet new technology, and give future performers a good start.

In addition to providing more opportunities for students, the entire music field will benefit from the collaboration.


Increased learning outcomes and better research

In addition to providing more opportunities for students, the entire music field will benefit from the collaboration through joint research conferences, pedagogical courses for teachers, networks for administrative staff, and practical experience exchange on using artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

Studying music abroad

The alliance works to make exchange stays during higher music studies more attractive. Joint activities and study programs, more teacher exchange and automatic approval of studies across national borders are keywords.

Europe playing together

The eight million euros will be spent over four years across all eight institutions, and the institutions in Oslo and The Hague coordinate the work. Now, the Governing Board of IN.TUNE, students and leaders of the eight institutions will meet in Oslo on 17 and 18 June to set the course.

The student voice

Student representatives, members of the Governing Board and the leaders of the music academies will discuss and decide the development and operation of the alliance.

The meeting in Oslo provides IN.TUNE offers great opportunities for discussions across roles and cultures at the eight institutions.

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