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The Norwegian Academy of Music and seven other music education institutions form the first European university alliance in music – IN.TUNE.

IN.TUNE brings together eight music and art universities committed to developing a common long-term strategy with a strong artistic dimension for education, research, development and high-quality community services. It aims to become a pioneering model for higher education in and outside Europe.


IN.TUNE is established to respond to the challenges that higher music education and the music and culture sector are facing. Rapid technological development and changes in the framework conditions for artists mean that educational institutions must look at how to create programmes that equip students for an ever-changing professional life.

Part of the idea behind the alliance is that music and art have qualities that can play a role in a world with global challenges such as geopolitical instability and climate change, and also influence awareness of diversity, inclusion and gender equality.


IN.TUNE is part-funded by the European Commission and Erasmus + and will run from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2027, with the possibility of extension.

Work areas

Want to get involved?

IN.TUNE will include the entire NMH, including students, academic staff and administration.

We will publish announcements and opportunities where people can sign up. If you have an idea or questions, please contact IN.TUNE's local institutional alliance manager Åste Jensen Sjøvaag.

IN.TUNE's student representatives are Idun Gabrielle Fougner-Økland and Sigmund S. Toppe.

Join the international working group on research

Would you like to help map and identify which research suits collaboration in IN.TUNE? Please express your interest by July 31.

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About the European Universities Alliance (EUA)

  • Purpose: The European Universities Initiative aims to foster co-operation and networking among higher education institutions across Europe to create alliances, promote innovation, mobility and exchange of knowledge and best practice. The European Universities Initiative also aims to promote joint degree programmes and curricula, and strengthen links with society.
  • Funding: The initiative receives financial support from the EU's Erasmus+ programme. Funds are awarded to selected alliances of universities to support their joint activities, projects and initiatives.
  • Alliances: With this allocation, the EU increases the number of alliances to 50. Next year is tentatively the last application round for new alliances and the goal is to reach 60 alliances by then.
  • Pilot phase: The initiative started with a pilot phase in 2019, where 17 alliances were selected to implement and test the concept with European universities. Following the success of the pilot phase, several calls for proposals have been launched to expand the initiative and support more alliances in subsequent phases.

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Published: Sep 28, 2023 — Last updated: Jul 5, 2024