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Subscription to Nkoda

Subscribe to Nkoda with your NMH e-mail address.

Access to Nkoda

The Library has created a subscription service to the digital sheet music database, Nkoda. You can take notes directly into the material, save your own selection and personalise your account to receive regular score suggestions. The Nkoda database holds sheet music from well-known publishers.

November 2023

Nkoda will move from two apps to a single app for both Apple and Android devices. You will also be able to use the same functionality across all devices, whether you are using a Mac/PC, mobile or tablet. You will need to update Nkoda from the App Store or Google Play and then log in with your username and password.

Note! You can not currently download the Nkoda app on to NMH computers, but you may use the service with your private computer or tablet (PC and Mac). Some computers at the library has access the nkoda app, please ask at the circulation desk.

Get started

NOTE: It’s very important to follow each of the steps carefully, to ensure that you are signing in as a member of your institution.

Please finish the registration before downloading the nkoda app.

  1. Use this bespoke institutional link:
  2. Click "Get Started," followed by "Sign up via email." Enter your details and click "Sign Up." Make sure you use your institutional email address to be authenticated.
  3. You'll receive a prompt to "Continue as a member of [Your Institution]." Click "Yes."
  4. A banner at the top of your screen will indicate "You are signed in as a member of [Your Institution]." This confirms you have successfully completed the process.
  5. With your registration complete, you can now log in and access the app from any device, platform, or location, authenticated as a member of your institution.

Offline use

Users can access material offline within nkoda, however, within the context of the institutional access you will have to 'Extend' your access. Once you have viewed a score, and left the score, you'll see the option to 'Extend' the access in the green banner at the top of the App. By doing this, you hold onto a simultaneous user for 12 hours, during which time you can store and then use material offline. This feature is to enable you to prepare for a situation where you may need scores offline.


Plase contact for any questions regarding content or technical issues.

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