Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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Move­ment for Musicians

Course description

The course offers practical training of various movement patterns and awareness of the relationship between body posture, balance, breath and awareness related to yourself as a musician.

Responsible department: Piano, Accompaniment, Guitar and Accordion Department.

Course coordinator: Hilde Ringlund.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course students are expected to

  • have developed appropriate relaxation and koordinasjon
  • have developed awareness of functional use of the body when performing and rehearsing
  • have basic skills in Feldenkreis, Yoga and Qigong


The course is comprised of:

  • Warm-up exercises that maintain flexibility and balance, and strengthen the inner muscles
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Energy centering
  • Elements and patterns from the Feldenkrais method, Yoga and Qigong, among others


  • The course is taught in groups of up to 15 students in weekly sessions of 90 minutes, for 24 weeks.
  • The weekly lessons are supplemented by a seminar (Saturday) in the Autumn semester.

Course requirements

  1. Attendance is compulsory. More than 20 % absence from class will normally cause the student to fail the subject.
  2. The student must hand in 2 reflection papers (400-500 words) each semester. The papers are sent digitally to the course coordinator within a set deadline.

Final assessment

All course requirements must be fulfilled and approved before the student is given a final assessment.

Student assessment is based on the learning objectives. The final assessment will be given as a pass/fail mark, which will be determined by the course instructor based on each student’s level of achievement throughout the course period.


Students who receive a failing mark must retake the course.

Study component