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A Pianist’s Symphonic Endeavors

Experience Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's (1756–1791) last three symphonies for solo piano.

Model Day Studio og Nicolas Tourrenc

Sigstein Folgerø brings the tradition of Franz Liszt (1811–1886) and Vladimir Horowitz (1903–1989) back to life, recreating symphonic music for piano. Elizabeth Svarstad joins in with dance from the same era.


Mozart's Last Three Symphonies

No. 39 in E-flat Major:

  1. Adagio - Allegro
  2. Andante con moto
  3. Menuetto: Allegretto
  4. Finale: Allegro

No. 40 in G minor:

  1. Molto allegro
  2. Andante
  3. Menuetto: Allegretto
  4. Finale: Allegro assai

No. 41 in C Major «Jupiter»:

  1. Allegro vivace
  2. Andante cantabile
  3. Menuetto: Allegretto
  4. Finale: Molto allegro


  • Arrangements and piano: Sigstein Folgerø
  • Choreography and dance: Elizabeth Svarstad

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Published: Dec 12, 2022 — Last updated: Jan 30, 2023