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Ciudad Invisible – Jazz Ensemble

Ciudad Invisible is a project dedicated to and inspired by those that are not often visible and celebrated, but whose everyday work keeps everything going for everyone else.

Original compositions of contemporary jazz, based on the idea of using improvisation as a structural part of the composition process, with the intention of conveying the same energy through both musical concepts. Rhythmically and harmonically influenced by Latin American & North American folklore and early 20th-century classical composers.


  • Håkon Huldt-Nystrøm (double bass)
  • Åsmund Skjeldal Waage (vibraphone)
  • Jon Espelid (drums)
  • Tevje Martin Fjugstad Flaate (guitar)
  • Øyvind Solheim and Markus Dyrud(trumpet, flugelhorn)
  • Helge Sunde (trombone)
  • Luis Verde (alto saxophone and composition)
  • Guy Sion (soprano and alto saxophone)
  • Jonathan Sandqvist (bassoon)
  • David Hveem (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and clarinet)

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Published: Jun 14, 2022 — Last updated: Jul 27, 2022