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Ding-dong: Opening Concert

Kollasj av Tøyen fil og klafferi, Øyvind Mæland, Simon Løffler, Kalle Moberg, Giuseppe Pisano, Ellen Ugelvik, Morten Qvenild, Bendik Giske, Martyna Kosecka, Jennifer Torrence og Elizabeth Kate.

The Ding-dong or dong-ding? festival opens with freshly brewed music developed through research projects at NMH. Pub in the cafeteria after the concert.

Erika Hebbert, Julianne Schütz, Luke Abby, Anna Julia Granberg, Siv Dolmen, Ferdinand Schwarz, Paal Audestad, Alexander Bach Petersen, André Moniz Vieira


Bendik Giske (1982–)

Solo set

Giuseppe Pisano (1991–)

Anecdote_#2: An Organized Summary of Low Fidelity Sonic Phenomenona

Like the other installments in the Anecdote series, an organized summary of low-fidelity sonic phenomena deals with the idea of recordings as memory: anecdotes that reveal non-linear narratives that focus on perception and the understanding of a personal and individual truth rather than objective reality.

The recordings I use in this piece were made in Egypt, a country I had never been to and knew very little about, where I was in Cairo and Alexandria for radical improvisation workshops. The interaction with the places I passed through was cautious, aware of the risk of misunderstanding, making exotic or appropriating things that were not mine. In this sense, the hesitation of my action became the practice of inquiry and brought the most significant encounters.

This piece was originally composed in High Order Ambisonics and premiered at the ZKM in Karlsruhe in May 2023. The stereo version we will hear today has never been played before.

Øyvind Mæland (1985–): Gjøkungen (world premiere)

New piece for Kalle Moberg and Tøyen Fil og Klafferi

The Voice of Cello with Elizabeth Kate

  • Elizabeth Kate: As One
  • Klaus Lang (1971–): Confluents

Martyna Kosecka: Monaxiá for solo percussion and electronics

Monaxoá addresses the topics of loneliness and seclusion as triggers for various sound responses in the room. This term, originating from ancient Greek, can be translated literally as loneliness or abandonment. The composer's interest in writing the piece revolves around embracing the conditions and narratives of our existence through a performative situation that evokes symbols, positions, sounds – and their consequences. With Martyna Kosecka and Jennifer Torrence.

Simon Løffler (1981–): animalia II (2020–22)

With Jennifer Torrence and Ellen Ugelvik


  • Anne Hytta (Hardanger fiddle)
  • Bendik Giske (saxophone)
  • Giuseppe Pisano (electronics)
  • Elizabeth Kate (cello)
  • Jennifer Torrence, Ellen Ugelvik, Martyna Kosecka (performance)
  • Tøyen Fil og Klafferi: Elena Perales Andreu, Eira Foss, Hanne Rekdal, Tove M. Erikstad
  • Kalle Moberg (accordion)


Giuseppe Pisano (b. 1991, Napoli) is a composer and performer of electroacoustic music. His work is characterised by the use of field recording as means to investigate space and as his primary compositional tool and by the integration of such materials with additional synthetic structures that enhance the narrative aspect of his pieces. Giuseppe is also known as an computer-music improviser and an acousmonium interpreter. His formal education includes studies of electroacoustic music composition and music technology in Italy, the Netherlands and Norway. In Italy he studied with Prof. Elio Martusciello, while in Oslo he focused his attention on immersive audio and spatialisation techniques with Prof. Natasha Barrett. He is currently a PhD research fellow at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo.

Research Pub

From 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM: Informal conversation about the music at the concert and the significance of artistic research and development, considering how to break down the power structures in society.

With PhD fellows in artistic research, Anne Hytta, Øyvind Mæland and others, led by Morten Qvenild, pianist and Deputy Principal at NMH and Ellen Ugelvik, pianist and Head of NordART.

Published: Feb 16, 2024 — Last updated: Apr 3, 2024