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Focus and Relaxation x Sonic Garden 2023: Ripple-effects

Welcome to the first day of the festival Sonic Garden. This time the concert series Focus and Relaxation visits the garden, performing the piece Ripple Effect by composition student Keya Hedlin.

Aurora Maria Pambianchi Øvrelid

The title can be interpreted both metaphorical and direct. The idea that our decisions and actions from this one moment is ultimately going to have an effect on the next, that will effect the next, the next, next and so on. Technically speaking, what the musicians play will be repeated as echos. While hearing the live-event you are also hearing the past seconds, which will effect the choices and evoke what comes next. We like to think that one thing naturally seems to leads to the other - although its not that simple. Even trying to calculate or imagining a logic chain of events from one seed, you cannot fully predict the outcome of what actually ends up happening, based on past - present - into the future. Even trying to reproduce the exact same procedure, this will not succeed. I invite you to just go along for the ride.


  • Peetu Karjalainen (flute)
  • Elvira Göransson (cello)

About the concert series

The concert hall is one of the last places today where we can, for once, just absorb the music without any tools at hand and really experience it being created right in front of you. But to experience something in our wholeness, we need to be present and focused to fully dive into it. Many things distract us from this, but if we manage to get into this state of focus, relaxation will come by itself. Presence leads necessarily to relaxation.

During this concert series, we will create a space with as much freedom as possible so that you can decide for yourself how best to focus on the music and get rid of many of the distractions which might appear in a normal concert situation. You have the option to enjoy the music however you like—comfortably lying on a mattress, sitting on a cushion or couch, leaning against the wall, sitting on a chair or while walking around the hall.

The concert only lasts about half an hour, so you can easily fit it into your lunch break.

Published: Dec 12, 2022 — Last updated: Feb 27, 2023