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Ensemble Arepo plays both traditional and unconventional music by composers from diverse backgrounds.


The ensemble's thoughts about the concert

In classical music concerts, it is often not easy to experience the music, rather than just hear it. This is especially true for concerts of contemporary music. We think that this is often due to the one-sidedness of the concert concept. Besides the acoustics, other aspects of the music often get little or no attention. Although acoustics is of course the main feature of a musical performance, it includes much more. The visuals, the interaction with the audience, the setting, the context, and the programme, are just a few of the many factors that contribute to a concert experience. In our concert, we try to take into account all these factors. This way we hope to create a more holistic, and, in our opinion, more memorable concert experience.

Through various performative pieces, we try to broaden the audience's focus to other aspects of the music. An improvisational, instructional piece we play together with the audience, in order to enter into dialogue with the audience and invite the listener to take an active role. We will also often engage verbally with the audience, explaining the background and context of the pieces, and making them more accessible. However, we do not negate the value of traditional pieces but are fully convinced of the impact and value of music.

Additionally, the programme's compositions are all written by composers of diverse backgrounds such as indigenous persons, South Americans, Scandinavians, and female composers, ultimately expanding the narrative of what should belong in the classical canon. Through a mix of traditional and unconventional pieces, we try to create a lasting concert experience and thus bring a program of inclusive contemporary music closer to the audience.

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Published: Jan 30, 2023 — Last updated: Apr 17, 2023