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Slowly Getting Nowhere

Explore the quiet, minimal and non-climactic music of composers Elias Schomers, Olivia Køppe Christoffersen and James Layton in this spatial concert performed in the round.


  • James Layton: Wandering, for solo viola
  • Elias Schomers: Six voices, for string sextet
  • E. Schomers: Whether, for solo piano
  • E. Schomers: Jenga tower made of cheese, for small ensemble
  • Olivia Køppe Christoffersen: Hollow forms, composed of such lines, for prepared and amplified guitars
  • J. Layton: I needed colour, for alto flute and violin
  • J. Layton: Slowly getting nowhere, for solo piano
  • J. Layton: I love the whole world, for ensemble


  • Laura M. B. Kumwenda and Sunniva Tønnesen Norberg (viola)
  • Simen Haufmann, Alva Wadströmer and Mathias Liodden (violin)
  • James Layton (viola and piano)
  • Astrid Solberg, Elias Schomers og Andrine Dyblie Erdal (cello)
  • Ólína Ákadóttir og Jelena Ilić Veljak (piano)
  • Anja Sandvoll (alto flute)
  • Madara Eleonora Mežale (clarinet)
  • Ane Elise Lassen (double bass)
  • Tomas Laukvik Nannestad and Olivia Køppe Christoffersen (guitar)
  • Jonas Evenstad (percussion)
  • Eivind Holmboe Leifsen (saxophones)
  • Ferdinand Schwarz (trumpet)
  • Noel Rubli (accordion)

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Published: Dec 18, 2022 — Last updated: Feb 21, 2023