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Olav Anton Thommessen 75 years old

Welcome to this concert celebrating composer and earlier professor Olav Anton Thommessen, turning 75.

Bodil Maroni Jensen

Continuing the Thommessen seminar earlier the same day, many talented musicians are giving their hommage to the 75-year-old composer, professor, debater and source of inspiration, Olav Anton Thommessen, with a chamber concert devoted to his music. We will get to hear musicians such as Ernst Simon Glaser, POING!, Sanae Yoshida and the American Zora Quartet, playing works from the last decade, as well as a world premiere by this colourful, versatile and always relevant composer.


EingeBACHt – Paraphrase over Bach's Toccata in G Major, 1st movement

RødBEETH – meditation over Opus 111 for pianoforte

  • Sanae Yoshida (piano)

Please Accept My Ears

  • Phelan Nyvoll Walker (violin)
  • Gonzalo Moreno (piano)

PARASIxTh (excerpt. World premiere): Prelude and Phantasie

  • Ernst Simon Glaser (cello)

Veslemøy Synsk: A Griegian musi-collage over Arne Garborg's Haugtussa (excerpt)

  • Marianne Beate Kielland (mezzosoprano)
  • Gonzalo Moreno (piano)

Four Tchaikovsky sketches – based on a theme from «The Voyevoda» (excerpt). With POING!:

  • Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophone)
  • Frode Haltli (accordion)
  • Håkon Thelin (double bass)

String Quartet No. 4, Felix Remix. With Zorá Quartet:

  • Haruno Sato
  • Julian Sawhill
  • Dechopol Kowintaweewat
  • Zizai Ning

Published: Oct 7, 2021 — Last updated: Oct 19, 2021