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Terje Hansen


Strings and Harp Department

Terje Moe Hansen studied at the Music Conservatory in Oslo and continued his studies in Copenhagen and London. His soloist debut took place in Oslo at the University Aula in 1984. As a soloist he has toured all over Europe, the United States and Asia. His last DVD recording, Stunts and Poetry is the most seen video at the American Strings magazine. His teaching methods and results are making a stir in ever wider international circles. His method is presented in books like The Geometric All Interval System, and A Modern Approach to Violin Virtuosity (Warner). His recordings and book projects have been an important door opener for him, and he regurlarly visits the leading Universities and Music Academies all over the world, like Michigan State Universy, Guildhall School of Music, the Music consertvatories in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and den Haag, and many others.

Terje Moe Hansen has been portraited in many music magazines like Arco and The Strad. He has been invited to numerous masterclasses for societies like The European String Teacher association. He has been artistic leader for the Scandinavian Masterclasses and is appointed artistic leader of the leading classical festival in Asia, Extensya International Festival.

He was the first to possess the position as permanent violin professor in Sweden, Denmark and Norway at the same time. His work has resulted in more than 30 professional violinist. Some are in leading positions in orchestras like The Stockholm phil., Oslo phil., Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, The Danish Kapel, the Norwegian Opera, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra and others. Among his former students we find first prize winners in all classes in all the national competitions, and winners of international music competitions as well. His students have been soloists with all the Norwegian professional orchestras.

The last years his creativity has taken new directions. In his new compositions he has presented new extended techniques for his instrument. His music is based on advanced technical stunts combined with a dreamlike poetry. The new sound colours and playing techniques have given him invitations to composition classes in Europe and the U.S. In 2015 Terje Moe Hansen will start a worldwide tour of Asia, the U.S and Europe, starting in Leipzig, Germany and ending in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018


Terje Moe Hansen Hypomania Violin extreme stunts & poetry
Prof. Terje Moe Hansen, the norwegian left handed violin virtuoso gives few concerts. This recording is from his stunning performance in London St. Johns Smith Square: