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The string department has adopted the mantra that there are a number of ways of reaching a goal. The teachers will adapt their teaching methods to suit each individual student and allow them to experiment with different ways of playing in order to discover new possibilities and develop their musical personality. In the string classes, the students learn to listen to each other – and that way to listen to themselves.

The students form ensembles, gain experience of gigging with orchestras and practise auditioning for orchestra jobs.

The string department offers violin, viola, cello and double bass as principal instruments as well as a second study on the baroque versions of these instruments.

At the academy, I can test out my artistic ideas in a safe environment, with some of Norway's best musicians and teachers.

Uno Alexander Vesje Former student

Harp professor Isabelle Perrin specialises in the French method, focusing in particular on sound. She has created a harp community that attracts young talents and professionals from all over the world. The harp department holds combined lessons with physiotherapy and the Alexander technique to address posture, something which is important for every harpist.

Teachers in the string department are active as soloists and orchestra musicians. Many of them are also sought after speakers, writers and guest teachers at overseas institutions.

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Published: Mar 10, 2020 — Last updated: Jun 13, 2024