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Bach­el­or of Music in Music Edu­ca­tion

Student spille fiolin foran et lite publikum i Vigelands mausoleum.

This programme combines performance and teaching activities. You will have the opportunity to become a versatile and skilled musician while, at the same time, you will gain teaching qualifications for music schools, primary schools and secondary schools.

If you are socially conscious and view music from a broad perspective, this programme is for you. The combination of playing instruments, vast knowledge of genres, theoretical reflection and teacher training give this programme its distinctive character.

Three areas of specialisation

The programme is divided into three specialist areas: classical music, folk music and jazz/pop/rock. In addition to your primary instrument, which can also be live electronics, you will study improvisation and band instruments. Strong focus is placed on the breadth of genres and knowledge of musical styles from different parts of the world.

During the first three years of the programme, you will study several theoretical and practical education subjects. Throughout your entire course of study, work with your primary instrument will be given priority. The whole of the fourth year of study is devoted to your primary instrument and electives, so you can decide what you would like to focus on in more depth.

Read more about the academic community for music education, and find out which primary instrument teachers you will study under by looking at the academic community for your instrument.

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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Dec 18, 2023